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Customs services

    • Enterprise’s custom accreditation
    • Enterprise’s custom re-accreditation
    • Enterprise’s re-accreditation in another Custom office (not at the place of registration)
    • Prior Notification (PN) drafting and printing
    • Prior Declaration (PD) drafting and printing
    • Customs Declaration (CD) drafting and printing
    • Customs handling with CD export/import
    • Customs handling with PN, PD
    • Customs Value Declaration (CVD) drafting and printing
    • PN, CD cancel
    • New CD drafting and handling
    • New CVD drafting and handling
    • Request registration to Department of nomenclature
    • Request registration to Department of tariff
    • Identification Inspection report
    • Customs Inspection report
    • Cargo clearance by the letter (to 150 Euro)
    • «Verification of certificate» passage
    • Determination of tariff number concordantly UKTVED
    • Laying out of commodity positions on the codes of UKTVED
    • Preliminary calculation of custom payments
    • Filling in the forms of SMR, TIR, TTN
    • Translating of documents for a custom
    • Departure to Customer or on a custom for collection of documents
    • Departure of broker with the inspector of custom into place of unloading of commodities